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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACampaigning to save Ryton Organic Garden

The aim of this action group is to bring to the attention of the current trustees the strength of feeling that opposes the sale of Ryton gardens and work with them to help save Ryton Organic Gardens for the future of Garden Organic.
Lawrence Hills established Ryton Gardens in 1985 as home for the charity he founded the Henry Doubleday Research Association, later to become Garden Organic. A year later the gardens opened to the public to promote organic gardening. Upon his death in 1990 his ashes were scattered around the gardens and its future now lies in the hands of the trustees of the charity.
This year (January 2018), to the surprise of many members and supporters the gardens were placed for sale with an estate agent as investment/redevelopment opportunity. Further discussions had taken place with the Local Planning Authority that indicated that they would not oppose residential redevelopment provided “the openness of the green belt”  in which the gardens are situated is retained.
Have your say by:-
  1. Signing the Petition 
  2. Email the  Trustees to tell them how you feel
    The current trustees of Garden Organic are:-
    Miss Elaine Margaret Shaw
    Mrs Gail Coleshill
    Dr Margaret Lynn Eyre
    Mr Martin Stott
    Ms Judith Wayne
    Ms Phillipa Lyons
    Mrs Naomi L’Estrange
    Mr Andrew Collins
    Mr Steve Howell
    Mr Adam Alexander
    Mr Kevin James Wissett-Warner
    Dr Tania Elizabeth Sayer
    Mrs Marjan Bartlett-Freriks
  3. Tell us what Ryton Gardens means to you
  4. Suggestions for Garden Organic

For more information see:-

  1. Latest News where there are links to information that is currently available and what is happening
  2. Press & Media for links to coverage in papers and on other media and for press releases


One Comment Add yours

  1. Kate Mills says:

    The action of the Trustees has come as a devastating shock. My understanding of their role is to support the aims and objectives of GO after consultation. The letter last September does not indicate the intention of placing the site in the hands of Property Agents. If the membership had been aware that C.C. Planning had been approached alarm bells might have rung.
    change is often necessary but this proposal is far too radical and cannot reflect the views of the wider membership who have not been consulted.This needs a wider audience beyond GO

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